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Pump vacuum cleaner being used to empty tropical fish aquarium

Sharon Whitley, Manager of Nautilus Aquatics

 In our line of work, we regularly have to deal with water spills and floods, so the Pump Vac is the ideal machine for the job. It's great to have a vacuum that can deal with large amounts of water and it is obviously brilliant for emptying the fish tanks. Occasionally a hosepipe might get left on by accident when we are filling up the tanks and then the Pump Vac can clear up quickly and efficiently. 
Kitchen fitter

Keith Shaw - Carpet Fitter

 I don't know how I ever managed without this Tool Mate. I need lots of different tools handy when I am fitting carpets and to have a toolbox as part of the vacuum cleaner is an ingenious idea. It manages to organise me and I never forget to take anything on a job with me now, as I know I have everything I need in the toolbox. 
House work

Carolyn Harrison - House-wife

 My poodle, Ruby, is such a messy eater and I find these wet/dry Micro Vacs are wonderful for clearing away her biscuits or water splashes. We also have a couple of cats and they shed huge amounts of hair. This vac is brilliant at keeping the rugs and carpets hair-free and an added bonus is that it is incredibly lightweight to carry from room to room and up the stairs.