Faq Page

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Filter do I use for picking up dust and Debris?

    The Filter to use is the Cartridge Filter
  • Which Filter do I use for picking up dirty water?

    The Foam Filter is the ideal filter to use when picking up water that contains dirt and debris.
  • Which Filter do I use for picking up clear water?

    As long as there is no dirt or debris in the water you do not need to use a filter when picking up clear water.
  • Should I always use a dust collection bag?

    It is a matter of personal preference. If collecting dry debris a bag may be used to collect the dust but the machine will also collect the dust in the tank if no bag is used. Remember to always use a cartridge filter if using the machine for dry debris either with or without a dust collection bag.
  • Where can I buy replacement filters or dust collection bags?

    A full range of filters, collection bags and accessories are available on our website.
  • What happens if my machine breaks down.?

    Please contact your supplier and they will advise of how to proceed.
  • What is the guarantee/warranty period on this model.?

    All our Vacuum Cleaner and Air mover products are guaranteed for three years.
  • How do I attach a Friction Fit Hose.?

    The Friction Fit Hose works in the way it sounds. Simply push the hose into the Hose inlet and turn the hose. This action locks the hose in place.
  • How does the Air Mover work?

    The Air Mover circulates ambient air around a room and effectively dries floor or wall or ceiling areas. The three power settings and three position settings make this a very effective tool for drying surface areas after painting, varnishing, washing or flooding for example.
  • What is the benefit of a HEPA Cartridge Filter?

    The HEPA Cartridge Filter is 99.7% efficient for dust particles down to 0.3microns in size. Thus creating very high levels filtration when using this filtration system.
  • Can I use my Wet/Dry Vac to unblock my sink or bath?

    Yes, just ensure that the Foam Filter is in position and apply the end of the hose to the plug hole and turn on the machine. This will clear the most stubborn blochages.
  • Can I use my Wet/Dry Vac to pick up water when the Cartridge Filter is in place?

    Yes, this is fine to do but once the job is completed, take out the filter and allow it to dry in a warm place.
  • How do I clean the Cartridge Filter?

    The Cartridge Filter when dry may be brushed clean with a soft hand brush.
  • How do I clean the Foam Filter?

    The Foam Filter may be cleaned by hand washing in warm soapy water.
  • Are the dust collection bags re-usable?

    No the dust collection bags need to be replaced when full with a new bag. Re-using the bag causes the bag to clog and causes the air flow to be restricted and the motor to overheat.
  • Is the Vacuum Cleaner safe to use with water?

    The construction of the disc inside the cage in the motor housing floats as the water level rises in the tank. Once the disc reaches the air inlet the suction of the vacuum cleaner snaps shut the disc over the air inlet preventing water from entering the motor housing. Once the vacuum cleaner is turned off and the tank is emptied the disc falls back into place and allows the air to pass freely through the machine.
  • My vacuum Cleaner has fallen over and is now making a funny noise?

    Sometimes when the Vacuum Cleaner falls over the disc is sucked over the air inlet. To resolve this the machine needs to be turned off and put back upright. This allows the disc to fall back and allows the air to move freely through the motor housing.